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Bathroom Renovations

Complete bathroom renovations can be very costly endeavors but you can do a lot of upgrading on a budget if you plan your renovation carefully. A new vanity, lighting, mirror, flooring or trim kit can help update a space at a reasonable cost; and never underestimate the affect of a new colour palette

If you are planning a complete renovation start by thinking about how you use the space. Most bathrooms are small but very busy rooms. As much of you may want a trendy double vanity if family members don't share bathroom time it may be more of an inconvenience than benefit.  Both style and practicality need to be taken into consideration.


The bathroom is one of my personal favorite places to upcycle those vintage items. Old mirrors, hooks, faucets and sinks make great conversation pieces, but my all time favorite is the dresser/sidetable turned vanity. With a little creativity the tiniest bathroom can become a focal point in any home.

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