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About me

I may have but one name but I wear many hats. 

The Intellectual
Artist Holding a Paintbrush
The Artist/Designer

I began my education at Lambton college in  the Child and Youth Worker program. It was there I fell in love with learning and decided to transfer to The University of Western Ontario,  where  I completed my Bachelor Degree in Visual arts and philosophy receiving honorary awards in both.  I went on to complete my Masters in Philosophy, specializing in the area of aesthetics.  Wanting to share my love of learning I decided to complete my Bachelor of Education. I spent some time teaching in Saskatchewan before returning to Ontario and to my true calling of renovation and design. It is after years in this field that I decided it was time to take the next step and obtain my Realtor's license, adding a new dimension to my field of work.  

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The Salesperson

Beginning with the purchase of my first house in my early twenties I have almost two decades of experience from the buying and selling end of real estate. I understand the stresses that go with looking for a house, selling a house, renovating a house, and moving. I also have an in depth knowledge of the expenses associated with real estate purchases.

Beyond this practical knowledge I bring with me an array of skills that will help you find your perfect match of a house. Encapsulated in the term "VISION" i will help see past the paint colors, through the clutter, and beyond the surfaces to the true potential of a home beneath.  

When it comes to selling I can assist in preparing your house ready for sale, whether it needs some simple de-cluttering, redesigning or renovations.  Sometimes simple changes can add significant value to, and/or increase the sale-ability to your house. 

I have always enjoyed the arts and spent my early years in university in the studio producing work that I later showcased across much of southwestern Ontario. While doing my masters degree I had the opportunity to augment my artistic skills by delving into the many different concepts of human perception.

Where the passion and skill for renovation comes in you could say is hereditary. My father was a cabinet maker and I, for as long as I can remember, was interested in deconstructing and reconstructing everything that crossed my path .  When I purchased my first house my father taught me the ins and outs of house renovation and construction. 

I went on to combine these skills in my  future renovation projects. It became my passion to purchase worn down houses and bring them back to their former glory;  A process I came to call "from concept to creation." 

Along the way I also had the opportunity to assist many clients in redesigning their living spaces as well as adding utility and value to their homes.  Often all that was needed was a little bit of vision to unlock the potential of their space.

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The Homemaker/                    Mother

I am a mother of three ranging in age from 7-19, and wife to a loving husband.  We live on a small 6 acre hobby farm on the outskirts of the Victorian town of Petrolia.  On our farm we raise meat rabbits, have a horse, and a multitude of cats.  As a family we frequent the local conservation areas for hikes picnics and fishing.  My personal hobbies include gardening, crocheting, reading, and of course woodworking. 

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